What does Girls on the Run do?

One girl put it this way, “I learned that I am the boss of my brain.”

Helping girls take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms.

You can also think of it as Can University—a place where girls learn that they can.

No limits.

No constraints.

Only opportunities to be remarkable.

How do we play a role in our girls’ lives?

Lots of ways, but we start with helping the girls get a better understanding of who they are and what’s important to them.

Then we look at the role of teams and healthy relationships.

And, finally, we explore how girls can positively connect with and shape the world.

And remember, we believe that life-changing experiences can be fun too—for everyone—the girls, coaches, families and other volunteers.

So don’t be surprised when you hear laughter along with self-reflection and see beaming smiles across the beautiful, confident faces of our girls.

 What do the registration fees cover?

Registration fees for GOTR cover costs for:

  • 24 coaching sessions with certified/cpr trained GOTR coaches
  • GOTR T-shirt
  • GOTR waterbottle
  • End of season 5k event

My daughter does not enjoy running. Will she like GOTR?

GOTR is much more than a running program! We are a character development program that encourages positive self-esteem, healthy living, and goal setting.

Girls can skip, walk, hop, or dance to meet their goals.

Ultimately, we want them to complete a 5K event in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Why is registration limited to 15-18 girls?

Our curriculum is designed to provide girls with a positive learning experience in a safe environment.

Registration is limited to 15 to 18 girls (depending on the number of volunteers) so that each girl can take an active role in the games and activities.

Limiting group size also allows each girl to receive more one-on-one attention from coaches.

Why would a site be canceled? What happens if my site is canceled?

Our curriculum is designed to encourage teamwork and community.

Therefore, each site must have at least 8 girls register in order to conduct GOTR games and activities.

If 8 girls do not register for the program at a specific site, it will be canceled and full refunds will be given.

I am not sure I can work GOTR into my schedule, what is your refund policy?


Refunds are issued up until the 2nd session of Girls on the Run, or during the first week of the program.

Your daughter can attend 2 sessions before requesting a refund.

However, we must receive your request no later than the end of the first week of the program.

Who are the GOTR coaches?

GOTR coaches are volunteers who participate in an extensive day-long training, undergo a background check, and are trained in CPR and First Aid.

They are well prepared to support your daughter throughout her GOTR experience.

What if a girl is unable to pay the registration fee?

Scholarships are available.

Our fees are on a sliding scale based on family income.

Please contact the Council Director for more information.

If I have other questions or concerns who should I contact?

Please contact the Girls on the Run North Georgia Executive Director, Cathie Brugnoli.

Contact phone: 404-667-4101,

Contact email:

Can my daughter stay involved past middle school?

Yes!  Girls on the Run North GA has a mentoring program for girls who complete at least 3 seasons of Girls on the Run and at least 1 season of Girls on Track.