Starting a New Site in North Georgia

I want to start a program!

We are currently taking requests to begin sites for our next season. Please note that GOTR North GA is rapidly expanding and doing our best to accommodate as many new site requests as possible. If you would like to begin the process of starting a new site complete the form below.

Follow this link for a list of FAQs.

How can I start a Girls on the Run site in my neighborhood or school?

Step One:  
Identify a location to host the program.  Most of our programs are run at schools, local parks, neighborhood clubs, YMCA’s,  or similar venues.  The program location is responsible for providing:

  •  A contact person at the site to coordinate with Girls on the Run North GA
  • A safe place for running.  Note: This does not have to be a track, a field is acceptable.  However, it is necessary to measure off part of that area on occasions when lessons require running at certain distances, (e.g. 1 mile, 3k)
  • A rain site (classroom, gym, etc.)
  • Meeting space – twice a week, one hour and fifteen minutes per lesson
  • Assistance in recruiting two volunteer coaches

Step Two:
Attend Coach Training.  All of our coaches are CPR trained and take part in an intensive, day long training session before the program begins. The training seminar is based upon a well-developed and researched curriculum used successfully by local and national GOTR programs.
We require two coaches at each site. Each coach must:

  • Become CPR trained
  • Attend a full day Coaches’ Training
  • Attend a pre-season Coaches’ Meetin
  • Prepare for and supervise all lessons in a manner consistent with the GOTR International philosophy and curriculum
  • Run/walk or support the girls at the end of season 5k race/walk
  • Parents and teachers are welcome to attend the lessons and assist the girls, offering encouragement, participating in games and work-outs, and generally being cheerleaders for the team.

Step Three:
Complete all paperwork.  Every program site is provided with a recruitment brochure, sign-up forms, and a letter of agreement which must be signed by the site coordinator.  The program site is responsible for:

  • Signing and returning the Letter of Agreement to the GOTR North Georgia
  • Distributing the brochure to 3rd- 5th grade girls

Step Four:
Have a GREAT program!  The program culminates with the running of a 5K (3.1 mile) running event.  GOTR North Georgia encourages as much site participation in this event as possible.  All are welcome to come out and walk, run, and cheer your girls on!

School or Facility Information