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Weather Related Information for GOTR meeting at parks

 For Forsyth County Only:

Sharon Springs Park, Central Park and Fowler Park locations only:

Please call Forsyth County Rainout Line: (770) 886-2851 option 1 for field closings information!

GOTR follows Forsyth County's rain out policies.  Please call the above number for information for field closings.

For Forsyth County Only:

GOTR’s policy on rain out days follows guidelines set by Forsyth County Parks and Recs.  If the weather looks unsure contact Forsyth County Rainout Line: (770) 886-2851 option 1.  If the fields are closed, GOTR will be rained out for that session.                                                    

If the weather changes while girls are on the fields: Forsyth County Parks now have a Lightning Predictor System!  GOTR will follow the same policy and procedures set forth by Forsyth County. If the lightning predictor system alarm activates, it is REQUIRED that all players and families get into their cars until the horn sounds three times and the yellow light stops flashing. Every one must leave the fields. The lightning predictor is located at the top of the Press Box at fields 9 and 10.

The system will remain activated for AT LEAST 20 minutes after the initial alarm goes off. When activated, the timer is automatically set for 20 minutes. PLEASE NOTE: the system continues to monitor the electromagnetic activity in the area after it is activated. If the timer is down to 1 minute and the system senses lightning in the area it will reset itself to a higher time setting and begin counting down from there. This resetting will happen as many times necessary to be sure that it is safe to return to the field. 

Lightning policy: This policy is also posted at the concession stands at the fields. When a probability of lightning is detected, the Thor Guard unit horn will sound continuously for fifteen seconds. A yellow light/siren, which is also located on the top of the Press box, will begin flashing when the horn sounds. At this time, all fields will be immediately cleared and every one needs to get inside an automobile. The automobile is not to move if GOTR participants are inside the automobile. The light will continue to flash as long as the unit anticipates potential threats of lightning. When a lightning threat is no longer detected, the horn will sound three short 5 second blasts and the light will turn off. It is then safe to return to the fields and resume practice.

Should a coaching member of GOTR North Georgia feel that a potential threat is present, GOTR coaches have the authority to stop the practices even before the alarm is triggered and the policy of all GOTR Participants immediately moving to “inside a car” goes into effect. The girls may also be signed out by parents.

If the parent is not at practicethe girls will automatically placed in a car with a GOTR coach. The automobile can not move from the parking spot. Then number one priority is the safety of the girls and the GOTR coaches.